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Cate's student body is recognized as much for its talent—academic, artistic, and athletic—as it is for its warmth and vitality. We welcome qualified applicants for openings in ninth and tenth grades. A few exceptionally well-qualified students are accepted into the eleventh grade, and it is highly unusual for there to be an opening in the twelfth grade. Cate is primarily a residential school
85% of Cate students are boarders. When considering applications, the admission committee, comprised of admission officers and faculty, reviews a student's previous record, recommendations from teachers, personal references, scores on the Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT), extracurricular interests and strengths, and impressions and information obtained in the candidate's personal interview. The School strives to enroll exceptional students who bring a wide variety of skills, interests, and backgrounds to the Cate community. Each year Cate offers more than $3,000,000 in financial aid to 30% of the student body.

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