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Lompoc is a city in Santa Barbara, California. Vandenberg Air Force Base dominates the economy, directly employing many of Lompoc's residents and contributing $1.7 billion to the regional economy. Vandenberg Air Force Base employs most of Lompoc's residents. The base employs 6,889 people.

Other pillars of the economy include the Federal Correctional Institution, the diatomite mine (today owned by Imerys), the Lompoc oil field and associated refineries north of the city, and agriculture (especially flower and vegetable seeds).

Winemaking and wine tourism are a growing agricultural sector. Thirty premium wine labels are produced in Lompoc. Tasting rooms are located in different parts of Lompoc. After the end of the Cold War, many workers who worked in Santa Barbara and Goleta moved to Lompoc to take advantage of the lower cost of housing, which effectively turned Lompoc into a sleeping area in Santa Barbara.

Local Businesses in Lompoc, CA
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To learn more about Lompoc, CA and the surrounding area visit the City of Lompoc Visitors Center or the Lompoc Valley Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau.

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