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Review for G-Spa on Directory
27 Dec 2022

I visited this clinic to have tattoos removed that I felt ashamed of and thought that I was being attended to by a professional staff, but I realize that they have been trying to dig into my past and get information out of me without me knowing. The nurse Cayley even tried to mention that I was "soft-spoken" in a hint to get me to speak louder to whoever was listening outside of the confidential treatment room. Once I said something to her and then the receptionist repeated it and tried to hide a smile because she thought I didn't know that she was listening through the door. In addition, on my last appointment I made it clear to the staff that I would be more comfortable if only one person was treating me and they forced me to go with another nurse so she could see my tattoos without outright violating HIIPA policies. I gave these people my personal information and they took photos of tattoos and make a mockery out of me. I don't think they are the best people to care for others in the medical setting. Dr. Griffin is very hostile and I think she may be the one behind it, but I'm not sure exactly. All I know is they thought that they could get away with it. Then, once they found out that I knew that they were creeping on me, they blocked my phone number and even found all of my email addresses (that I never gave them) and blocked those too so I could never do anything about their unprofessionalism. I encourage anyone who feels something is wrong with their medical staff to file an official complaint through HIPPA in order to protect your patient rights.
Review for G-Spa on Directory
10 Aug 2022

Never go to Dr griffin!!! Not only did she deformed my face when I went back I was verbally abused and told to go fuck myself and that she didn’t give a fuck about me she said those words I have never been spoken to like that in my life especially a female Dr it makes me sick giving one star. I explained to her that I am coming back from 4 years of horrible surgeries, 70 weeks in the hospital and over 5 surgeries and I wanted a pick me up to feel better. She deformed my lip charged me for a service I did not get, my eyebrows are to high. I went back to see her to try and fix the situation I was verbally assaulted by her using the words I previously said and her staff calling me a bitch and telling me to get the fuck out before they call the police just to get away with her mistake and over charging me. I can not express how horrible this experience was.

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