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After many years in the wine business, Kugler Wines was born to make the creme a la creme of wines. We use specialized techniques that made French wines so wonderful, giving them the ability to lead the world for centuries. We selected our barrels from the Troncais forest of France and use designer French yeast to enhance your drinking experience.

Each grape berry is hand sorted by our state of the art crusher and de-stemmer, and with our award winning consultant winemaker, our team makes some of the finest wines in the world.

Our "Founders Reserve" Pinot Noir is barrel selected and could be aged from 10+ years, but is drinking magnificently upon release. This is limited to 75-150 cases per year.

Our "Founders Reserve" Cabernet Sauvignon is fashioned in the same principle as our Pinot. Our fruit is sourced from the "Howell Mountain" AVA of Napa Valley and made in truly the classical style of any great wines.

Our "Founders Reserve" Chardonnay is so rich and balanced and it truly an American "Le Montrachet".

Our "Founders Reserve" Syrah is so rich and fruit forward with a healthy French oak backbone, that this wine is renowned worldwide as one of the best American Syrah made. We start with our fruit from the famous Stophman vineyard and the Troncais barrel specifically made for this wine, saignee our reserve Syrah early in the fermenting process and adds to our tremendous depth.

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