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Our family store Lewis and Clark offers a shopping experience of days-gone by, when home was where you kept your treasures and beauty was always in the eye of the beholder. Filled to the brim with merchandise we select by hand, including jewelry, unique home decorations, and one of a kind antiques, our shop promises to inspire, connect, and delight.

Mother and daughter Elizabeth and Lisa first opened Lewis & Clark just off of Santa Barbara’s State St. in 1981. The duo’s earliest inspiration came from the desire to translate elegant home aesthetics into an affordable reality. Inspired by everything from traditional Mexican folk art to British country estates, we ceaselessly work to create a one of a kind shopping experience where customers are filled with a constant sense of discovery and delight.

By 1985 our shop expanded into a larger downtown location and a second space in Montecito, CA. Our merchandise selection grew to include witty greeting cards, beautiful books, and an ever expanding array of Christmas decorations in the winter months. While remaining true to the spirit of affordability, elegance, and practicality, we are growing to incorporate our family’s new generations into our business. Our primary concern is to serve our customers, brighten their days, and add cheer and beauty to their lives. All of us downtown and in Montecito are honored and excited to remain a Santa Barbara treasure for years to come!

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Lewis & Clark

1116 State St Santa Barbara, CA
(805) 962-6034

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