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Out-of-control population growth threatens the California Dream.

California is one of the greatest places on Earth. The climate is moderate in large areas of the state
environmental treasures abound, and the unique California lifestyle is admired worldwide. So, it’s easy to understand why so many people want to live here.

During the last 40 years, more than 20 million people moved to California. That has doubled the state’s population to nearly 40 million. Such a rapid increase in population has put major strains on California.

More population growth has meant more pollution, more degradation of our environmental treasures, more traffic, overcrowded schools, higher taxes, longer waits at emergency rooms and more job competition. While these population-oriented strains are more pronounced in California, the changes are occurring all across America.

Concerned Californians rise to the challenge.

That’s why a concerned group of California environmentalists, doctors, lawyers, professors, writers and surfers banded together in 1986 to start Californians for Population Stabilization. They saw the California Dream – and along with it, the American Dream – slipping away. It was important to them that future generations of Americans have the same opportunities they had. They wanted to save some California – and some America – for their children and grandchildren.

Today, CAPS has grown into one of the largest member-based population stabilization organizations in the state with influence and members beyond California. A leader in the movement for a sustainable population, CAPS has continued its mission to help Californians and other Americans understand the consequences of out-of-control population growth so that our leaders can develop informed and appropriate policies to ensure we save some America for future generations. A nonprofit organization, CAPS is dedicated to a bipartisan approach to population stabilization.

California has challenges. CAPS has common sense solutions.

So, where are all the people coming from? Based on U.S. Census figures, people aren’t moving to California from other parts of the country, and for years, more Americans have been leaving California than moving here. Most Californians already know the answer. The state’s growth is a result of mass immigration. Nearly 100% of California’s population growth during the last 40 years has been from mass immigration and births to immigrants.

That’s why CAPS advocates slowing mass immigration to sustainable levels and supports family planning. If you’d like to see our specific policy solutions, go to

Don’t blame immigrants. Blame our government’s immigration policy.

It’s important to state: CAPS does not blame immigrants. We understand why people from other countries want to live in California. It’s our government’s irresponsible immigration policy that continues to permit millions of people to come to the country, with little to no regard for whether they have a skill set that matches the country’s economic needs, whether they will take an American’s job and whether they will end up on welfare. This careless approach also ignores what impact so many new people have on our infrastructure and our environment.

Other countries made smart changes to their immigration policies years ago. Yet today, America continues to allow more people to settle here every year than the combined immigration to England, Germany, France and Canada. It is time our leaders updated their old way of thinking about immigration policy, so immigration can become the positive force in America it once was. But they won’t do a thing unless they hear from all of us.

You can make a difference.

In the end, the catalyst for policy change will come from Americans like you, your friends and neighbors, all speaking together. That’s where CAPS comes in. We help bring all our voices together to deliver very loud messages to the right leaders at the right time.

CAPS delivers the messages through all kinds of hard-hitting TV ads (, blog posts (, polls, issues papers (, editorials, events, legislator visits and a legislative action alert system capable of delivering tens of thousands of faxes to elected officials within minutes.

Please join us today by going to Together, we can save some America for tomorrow!

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