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I am a Doctor of Chiropractic and a self styled Wellness Champion. I have dedicated my life to the expression of human potential.

Ever since I was as a child, I always wanted to find out how to get the most out of my mind/body and help others do the same. Whether it was tinkering with new ways of physical training, reading about health, healing and spirit, the use of supplements, healthy foods, mediation and prayer. I was always learning about the mind and body and what made it work, flow and function at it’s optimum potential.

My passion has always been helping people to get the most out of life, to assist them in reaching their full personal potential, allowing them to better fully enjoy life. The approach I use is simple and incredibly effective. I know exactly what your mind and body requires for you to create and experience your Vitality. I can help to you to discover your Vitality. Once you have found the Vitality you have been lacking, then and only then can you to fully express your Soul Purpose!

I have chosen to commit to and help people who want to help themselves in two ways:

Chiropractic care: even though it is best known for it’s effect on physical pain, it is actually so much more! It is the most powerful way of keeping your body’s master control system (nervous system) free from interference and irritation. It helps to eliminate the effects that your stress has had on your life and your body over time. Everyone with a heart beat and a spine should see a chiropractor on a regular basis for full life expression.
My "Thrive Alive" Lifestyle and Wellness Program helps to comfortably and effectively move you towards a better way of eating, moving and thinking. This will ultimately help you to achieve and maintain your healthy weight, energy levels, reduce pain and find focus and "Soul Purpose”.
It really is very simple: Keep your nervous system free from interference, eat well, move more and think and dream bigger. This is what your body was designed to do and there you have it, the formula for true Vitality.

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